Historical Glottometry online analyzer

Apply Glottometry to your own data

1. Enter the name of the language family

2. Upload a CSV file with shared innovations

Please upload a CSV file with shared innovations. The file should consist of ones and zeros, with innovations in the rows and languages in the columns. There should be column headings as well as unique row headings. Blank cells may be indicated by either 'NA' or a blank value. See the image below for an example of how the file should look.

3. (Optional) Upload a CSV file with language coordinates

If you would like to see the isoglosses plotted on a map, please upload a CSV file containing the coordinates (latitude, longitude) of each language. This file should have row headings which correspond to the column headings of the previously uploaded CSV file; the columns should be in the order latitude followed by longitude, but the exact column headings do not matter. See the image at right for an example of how the file should look. Note that uploading this file is entirely optional.

4. (Optional) Set the subgroupiness display threshold

Subgroups whose subgroupiness value (ς) is less than the threshold (θ) will be hidden from the map. By default, the threshold is set at θ=1.


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